Casualty Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance

    This policy insures accidental bodily injury to a third party caused by the Insured in the course of business and accidental loss of or accidental damage to property owned by third parties caused by the Insured.

  • Public & Products Liability Insurance

    Product Liability policy indemnifies the insured against legal liability to pay compensation arising out of any defect in the products manufactured by the policy holder and covered under the policy.

  • Workmen's Compensation Insurance

    This policy insures the liability of the Employer under the law towards his employee's personal injury by accident or occupational disease in the course of the employment in the insured's business.

  • Workmen's Compensation & Employer's Liability Insurance

    Employer's Liability policy insures the legal liability of the employer towards employees for personal injury by accident or disease that may occur during and in the course of employment with the insured.

  • Medical Malpractice Insurance

    This Policy provides cover for claims against medical professionals committing malpractice. It offers protection to those professionals who may become liable to pay compensation against any human error while providing their services to patients due to unintentional error, omission, or negligence.